Location: Bath University, Bath, UKPositions: 2 post-doc positions

Two 2-year Postdoctoral positions in Membrane Science and Technology

Centre for Advanced Separations Engineering Centre for Advanced Separations Engineering

These 2-year positions at the University of Bath are part of the £9 million EPSRC Programme Grant ‘SynHiSel’, a national programme linking membrane researchers at Bath, Manchester, Newcastle, Imperial College, Queen Mary and Edinburgh Universities.
Chemical separations are critical to almost every aspect of our lives, from the energy we use to the medications we take, but consume 10-15% of the total world energy. Highly selective membranes could make these separations 10-times more efficient and save 100m tonnes/year of CO2 emissions annually. More selective separation processes are needed for renewable energy, clean growth, waste recovery, pharma and food processing, water treatment and many others.
The SynHiSel team’s vision is to develop the high selectivity membranes needed to enable the adoption of a novel generation of emerging high-value/high-efficiency processes.

PDRA1: Synthesis of 2D nanomaterials for membrane separations:

You will develop novel 2D corrugated nanomaterials for nanofiltration membranes for a range of liquid separations. You will have prior expertise in 2D nanomaterials synthesis and characterisation. Expertise in membrane science is desirable.

PDRA2: Testing and modelling of membrane-based liquid separations:

You will design experimental protocols for membrane characterisation and testing, and develop numerical models for mechanisms of facilitated transport membranes. You will have prior expertise in numerical modelling and membrane characterisation.

Our Team – SynHiSel: We are an interdisciplinary group at Bath with PDRAs and PhD students working across chemistry, materials and process engineering. We are guided by the ambition to address the biggest environmental, economic and societal challenges of our times, gaining from our collaboration with other SynHiSel Universities and industrial partners to achieve this.

What we can offer you: We aim to be an inclusive university, where difference is celebrated, respected and encouraged. We truly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and backgrounds leads to a better environment for our employees and students, creating a learning environment and organisational culture that enhances health and wellbeing across our community.

Contacts: for informal inquries please contact
Prof Davide Mattia, +44(0)1225-383961, d.mattia@bath.ac.uk, https://researchportal.bath.ac.uk/en/persons/davide-mattia or
Prof John Chew, +44(0)1225-386132, Y.M.Chew@bath.ac.uk, https://researchportal.bath.ac.uk/en/persons/john-chew

To apply, please use the following links:
PDRA1: http://www.bath.ac.uk/jobs/Vacancy.aspx?ref=CF9195
PDRA2: http://www.bath.ac.uk/jobs/Vacancy.aspx?ref=CF9205

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