Location: VITO, Mol, BelgiumPosition: 2-year contract, potentially extendable to a permanent position.

Job description
As a Flemish, internationally recognized research centre, VITO aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. The MESCH team at VITO develops industrially viable membrane processes for the intensification of chemical processes in industry.

Our approach allows companies to de-risk their developments by demonstration of relevant and economically viable membrane-based separation processes.

Membranes and membrane processes are of great value in the transition towards a more sustainable chemical industry, because of their broad application area, their low energy consumption, and their usefulness in continuous chemical processes at every scale.

To strengthen our team of researchers and technicians (now about 20 people) we are looking for a new colleague for the execution of bilateral industrial projects on membrane based liquid separations.

For this we opened a research position for a chemical engineer specialised in membrane separation processes for liquid streams.

It’s about a 2-year contract, potentially extendable to a permanent position.

This is our plan for you:

Together with our team, you will support the execution and follow-up of industrial projects on membrane based separation processes for the chemical industry.
Based on the basic workplans, you will plan, execute, supervise and coordinate membrane tests, by designing experiments, execute these together with our technicians and do the analysis of the various test results. Reporting of the results to customers is a part of the job as well.

Job requirements
To be suitable for this job, we think you will need:

  • a PhD in organic chemistry or in chemical oriented engineering
  • a track record in and applied knowledge of membrane separation processes of liquid streams
    enthusiasm about both experimental lab work as well about processing of data and reporting
    team player skills
  • a good eye for quality, deadlines
    a customer oriented mind-set
    a strong interest in cooperation with other partners (industry, SME’s, institutes, universities)
  • a good knowledge of English, both written and spoken
  • to be willing to travel abroad on occasion



If you’re tired of the frequent commute, you’ve come to the right place. We work ‘activity based’, our activities bring us to our location. Part-time work remote from home, our headquarter in Mol, or working from a satellite office in Antwerp-Berchem, Genk, Ghent or Ostend is possible.

A competitive salary with a range of benefits including allowances, insurances, and a modular vacation package
A team of nice colleagues, experts in their fields, who will guide, support and interact with you
Access to state-of-art equipment for membrane processes
Interesting opportunities to interact with partners in industry and academia
Innovation is our asset, so it goes without saying that we offer our employees the opportunity to follow additional training courses and stay up to date in their field of expertise.
You will be part of an organization with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy.



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