Location: Sweden, Umeå UniversityPosition: 2-years contract

Postdoctoral fellowship (2 years) within the developing membrane for gas separation

The Department of chemistry is offering a postdoctoral scholarship within the project of developing membrane for gas separation. The project includes the synthesizing polymer, fabricating membrane, and testing the prepared membrane for separation of gas molecules. The fellowship is full-time for two years with access from 1 September, 2022 or by agreement. Last day to apply is May 31th 2022.

Project description
Our research group is focused on the design and synthesis of artificial membranes for gas separation, energy sector, and resource recovery. Currently, we focus on designing and synthesizing new materials for gas separation membranes. The project is interdisciplinary, and you will have the opportunity to plan and develop routes to fabricate membranes for gas separation. The research involves the design, and synthesis polymer, fabricating membranes (Thermally Rearranged polymeric membranes or Carbon Molecular Sieve membranes), characterizing the membrane, and applying the prepared membrane for separating gas molecules.

More information: https://www.umu.se/en/work-with-us/postdoctoral-scholarships/7-740-22/

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