Position: Post-doc position (36 months)Location: University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is seeking to hire a highly motivated and outstanding researcher in the area of hydrogen reactors and membrane systems.

Your Role:
The Paul Wurth Chair* is building up a range of new experimental facilities, in collaboration with industrial partners and to pursue externally funded research projects, often involving Master’s and PhD students. These include:

  • The construction of a catalytic reactor and separator system for conversion of ammonia to hydrogen-rich gas mixtures and purification of these gas mixtures
  • The design and construction of an electrochemical system for detailed investigation of electrocatalysts and new electrochemical engineering concepts for production of hydrogen from ammonia
  • The design and construction of thermal and catalytic pyrolysis reactors for hydrogen-rich gas mixtures.

Your role is to work intensively with fellow researchers, technicians, suppliers and partners to design, build and operate these experimental facilities. The Paul Wurth Chair is also procuring a wide range of new, state-of-the-art characterization equipment which you will also help commission, operate and maintain. Your writing tasks will include safety, operation documentation, reports to sponsors and partners, and research publications from the projects involving this equipment.

The position is particularly targeted at researchers who aim to establish their own independent research career (for example as a research group leader or junior/assistant professor), and to this end, extensive career development assistance will be provided. The appointed researcher will also help to prepare new research proposals for national and European projects, and if funded, help lead the projects to establish an independent research and funding track record.

Please direct any further questions to Professor Bradley Ladewig (bradley.ladewig@uni.lu)

In Short:
• Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract 36 Month (which may be extended up to five years)
• Work Hours: Full Time 40.0 hours per week
• The yearly gross salary for every Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Luxembourg is EUR 77167 (full time).

How to apply:
For more information, please follow the link below. There you will also find a link to make the application.

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