• Job type: Postdoctoral fellowship (2 years)

  • Location: Edinburgh university, UK

We are looking for a dynamic and talented early career researcher in the field of Computational Materials Science with a focus on Separation and Biomedical applications, who can effectively exploit Artificial Intelligence tools for the design of functional Materials and Sustainable Processes in the SusProM Group. https://www.suspromgroup.eng.ed.ac.uk/

The Opportunity:
• To work in a highly interdisciplinary Research Team with Chemical Engineers, Bioengineers an Experts in Artificial Intelligence and undertake research on the computational simulation and screening of materials for the miniaturisation and circularisation of the hemodialysis process.
• To exploit the research results to improve the life of kidney patients, in collaboration with Kidney Research UK and frequent contacts with patients, nephrologists and biologists during National events.
• To deal mostly with computational work, but willing to carry out experimental validation in the lab if needed.

Your skills and attributes for success:
• Computational material science skills (Molecular Simulations, Macroscopic models and Machine Learning)
• Strong fundamental knowledge of materials for separation theory
• Ability to apply fundamental skills to problem solving
• Coding skills (Python preferred, Pytorch/tensorflow desirable)
• Basic experience in the lab.


The position will be supervised by Prof. Maria-Grazia De Angelis (Institute for Materials and Processes, dr. Simone Dimartino (Institute for Bioengineering) and Prof. Sotos Tsaftaris (Institute of Digital Communications).


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