PhD student position in Chemical Engineering: Sustainable remediation of PFAS and fluorinated refrigerants of global concern. 4 years. Santander (Spain)

We are seeking a talented PhD candidate who will make a great contribution to the development of sustainable technologies for the remediation of fluorinated substances of global concern.
The PhD thesis will be performed in the framework of the project F2R ‘Sustainable remediation of PFAS and fluorinated refrigerants of global concern’ (PID2022-138028OB-I00), funded by the Spanish Research Agency. Project F2R is aimed at developing novel processes for the remediation of two families of very persistent man-made fluorinated chemicals, i.e., the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and the fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants (F-gases).
The first general objective of F2R project will address the development of ion exchange processes for capturing PFAS present in drinking water and the subsequent treatment of the captured PFAS. The second general objective addresses the development of sustainable gas separation processes using membranes for the capture, separation, and reuse of F-gases contained in refrigerant mixtures to avoid their impact on global warming.
The PhD candidate will be part of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and will be enrolled in the PhD program of Chemical Engineering, Energy and Processes at the UC.

Professor Ane Urtiaga, and Dr. Gabriel Zarca (Associate professor) will have the academic supervision responsibility.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate capable of rapidly acquiring a degree of autonomy in the chemical engineering laboratory. Knowledge and skills in chemical engineering, water treatment, and membrane separation processes are wished. Good writing and reporting skills in English are required.
To be eligible, candidates must hold a European Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent giving access to a PhD doctorate program in the home institution.

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PI: Prof. Ane Urtiaga (
Co-PI: Dr. Gabriel Zarca (

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