Location: University of Iceland, IcelandPosition:PhD

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Location: University of Iceland, Iceland
Position: PhD

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is looking for a full-time doctoral student for a three-year project: Electrodialysis Membrane Process for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery.

In recent decades, nutrient (ammonia and phosphate) recovery from wastewater has been considered as an alternative solution to cope with potential challenge of fertilizer shortage and achieve circular economy. This project aims to provide a feasible solution for simultaneous wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery via combining gravity-driven membrane (GDM) and electrodialysis (ED) membrane process. This study will seek to answer: (1) how the GDM operation condition impact on ED performance in terms of ion exchange membrane performance and nutrient recovery? (2) how to improve the performance of the hybrid GDM+ED process? (3) is this hybrid process economic feasible and environmental feasible? and what parameters are associated with its economic benefits?

Qualification requirements
 Master degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, or related disciplines.
 Experience in membrane technology, wastewater treatment is an advantage.
 Skills in mathematical modelling are an advantage.
 Independent work and good communication skills.
 Good skills in written and spoken English.

The doctoral student is expected to start work no later than 1 Sep, 2022.

Application process:
The application process is in three steps:
 The applicant submits an application which must include i) a letter of application, ii) a curriculum vitae, iii) a copy of the diplomas (BS and MS) and transcripts, iv) information about two referees, their relationship with the applicant and how to contact them. The application and all accompanying documents must be in English.
 After the application deadline, applications will be reviewed and those applicants who are considered the most suitable for the job in question will be invited to online interviews (Zoom, MS Teams or equivalent).
 The applicant who will be offered a doctoral position must then send a formal doctoral application to the University of Iceland. At this stage, certified copies of all diplomas must be submitted. The document that demonstrates English proficiency must also be submitted if necessary. (https://english.hi.is/node/17996)
All applications will be answered and applicants will be notified of the job placement once a decision has been made. Applications can be valid for six months from the end of the application deadline.
When recruiting for jobs at the University of Iceland, the University’s gender equality plan is taken into account, see here: http://www.hi.is/haskolinn/jafnrettisaaetlun#markmid2
Attention is drawn to the University of Iceland’s language policy, see here: http://www.hi.is/haskolinn/malstefna_haskola_islands
Employment rate is 100%
The application deadline is until 20.06.2022

Please send your application documents to Associate Professor Bing Wu, wubing@hi.is

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