Location:University of Basque Country, SpainPosition:PhD

1. Project details

Description: Development of new supported Pd alloys membranes for H2 production.

Starting date will be end of June 2022, although it can be postponed few weeks in case needed to finish MSc or its thesis.

Most of the research tasks will be done within Membrane Technology Group at Tecnalia R&D facilities at San Sebastián (Spain). Eventually, some of the work related to the membrane manufacturing optimization, will take place at H2SITE facilities at Loiu (Spain). We are opened to those research stays aligned with the project goals proposed by the student or supervisors.

2. Guidance

PhD title will be obtained in Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at University of Basque Country (UPV-EHU).

There will be daily support from H2SITE (dr. Jon Meléndez). Supervision by dr. Alfredo Pacheco Tanaka (from TECNALIA R&D Center) will be carried out too.

3. Objectives and planning

The main goals to be carried out by means of the PhD position are:
• Develop new Pd membranes alloys (i.e Ru, V, Y, Nb,) by electroless plating, electroplating (EP) or physical vapour deposition (PVD) on commercial porous supports. Selective layer no thicker than 5 µm.
• Study of new Pd membrane alloy deposition process parameters and work toward their optimization.
• Definition of quality control values to be implemented in an industrial scale production line and assess their integration in membrane reactors.
• Characterization of main permeation membrane properties under single gas and mixed gas composition, targeting the most interesting applications (industry driven).
• Long-term stability study of Pd-based membranes under fluidization conditions.

Main characterization techniques that will be used all along the PhD are SEM, TEM, XRD, Capilary Flow Porometry, Gas permeation tests (room and high temperature, up to 550 °C) and ICP. Other techniques that can help to tackle the goals described above, are not ruled out.

Results and objectives are aligned both with patenting and publishing in order to strengthen the Intellectual Property of H2SITE and to give your work visibility among scientific community in order to get the PhD title.

4. Requirements

Education: Chemist, Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering or similar. Master’s degree on similar in a period of less than 3 years
Languages: High level of spoken and written English.
Personal skills: Interpersonal skills, ability to function in a multidisciplinary environment and with a spirit of teamwork, conflict resolution. Goal-oriented and self-sufficient work style

5. Contact
Please, send your CV and cover letter to: jon.melendez@h2site.eu;

Tlf: +34 667 11 96 39

Deadline to receive CVs: 31/07/2022

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