Patrick Meares Preselection

Results of the first selection

In this year’s edition of the Patrick Meares prize, a committee of EMS Council members evaluated all the proposals received, which results were accepted by all EMS Council members. No Council member with a conflict of interest was part of the evaluation panel.

The evaluation criteria were the 1- Quality of the work (max. 5 points), 2- Impact of the work (related to papers as first author, other papers, oral and poster presentations, patents, …) (max. 5 points) and 3- “Letters of recommendation” (max. 2 points).

It’s important to highlight the high quality of the proposals, which turned the evaluation process very difficult.

The selected 5 shortlisted candidates (not 4, as usual) are shown below (in alphabetical order):


Candidate Affiliation Title of Ph.D. thesis
Eleonora Ricci Alma Mater Studiorum, Università de Bologna Thermodynamic and Molecular simulation of Pure and Mixed gas sorption in Polymeric Membranes
Faheem Hassan Akhtar King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Water vapor separation: Development of polymeric and mixed matrix membranes
Francesco Benedetti Alma Mater Studiorum, Università de Bologna Development and detailed characterization of innovative, high performance membrane materials for CO2 capture
Paula Arribas Fernandez Facultad de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Complutense Madrid Nanostructured, thin film composite and nanocomposite membranes for water treatment
Saravanan Janakiram Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Nanomaterials enhanced membranes for Carbon capture


The 5 shortlisted candidates will present their work in a Patrick Meares Prize Symposium that will be held at the Euromembrane 2021 conference. A panel will evaluate the presentations and nominate the winner of the prize at Euromembrane 2021.