Online Workshop: Advanced Methods for Determining Physicochemical Properties of Solid State Materials – Tuesday 17th May – 1:00 pm BST | 2:00 pm CEST | 8:00 am EDT

In collaboration with CARPOR platform of the University of Liège, Surface Measurement Systems is organizing a workshop to explore pharmaceuticals and inorganic materials using vapor sorption techniques.

Attending this workshop, you will hear from sorption science experts as they discuss the use of DVS and iGC techniques to determine physicochemical properties of solid state materials, providing invaluable insights to those involved in pharmaceutical or inorganic material research. Attendees will also be able to engage our scientists, Dr. Susannah Molisso and Dr. Connor Hewson, in a live Q&A.

The workshop will cover in-depth Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) and Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) techniques and their applications on studies of materials such as powders, nanomaterials, fibres, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and inorganic materials.

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