Location: Lund (Sweden)Level: -Type: Doctoral studentship, fixed-term employment of a maximum of 5 years

Project description

Membrane filtration is a separation process which is well-established for drinking water preparation and wastewater treatment. In this project membrane technology will be used for urban storm water, rainwater from residential houses, and mixed rain- and storm water from a parking garage. By using Direct Membrane Filtration with ultrafiltration membranes it is aimed to remove micro-plastics and – pollutants from the collected water and polish it for re-use. In this concept, water will pass through the membrane for re-use, while pollutants and bacteria are accumulated, and collected. The quality of the water collected will be monitored to evaluate its use for non-potable purposes. The Membrane Group at Lund University has many years of experience in membrane processes and is now looking for a new coworker to extend this work into membrane processes for rain and storm water harvesting and upgrading. The PhD student position will include the integration and optimization of Direct Membrane Filtration on pilot scale in a housing area. The aim is to operate a pilot, maintain and improve its performance and analyze the water recovered by the membrane unit.


More information: https://lu.varbi.com/what:job/jobID:332623/?lang=en

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