Euromembrane 2022 – EMS Conference Fees awards Results

The EMS is pleased to share with you the list of the winners of the EMS Conference Fees Awards, which cover the registration fees for Euromembrane 2022:.
This year, the competition was very competitive with more than 100 applicants.

Young academics:
Ayesha Ilyas, Belgium
Joanna Kujawa, Poland
Gaëtan Blandin, Spain
Valerio Loianno, Italy
Raka Mondal, India
Nunzio Cancilla, Italy
Swathi Suran, India
Baig Muhammad Irshad, Netherlands
Yusak Hartanto, Belgium
Shiqi Huang, United Kingdom

Victor Moreira, Brasil
Raúl Mompó Curell, Spain
Chi Heng-Yu, Switzerland
Gergo Ignacz, Saudi Arabia
Tyler Malkoske, Canada
Mariana Figueira Alves, Spain
Minh Nhat Nguyen, Germany
Beatriz Cristóvão, Portugal
Abdessamad BELGADA, Marrocco
Serena REGINA, Italy


The EMS would like to thank all applicants for their efforts and also encourages them to attempt the competition next time at future EMS events.