EMS Webinars

EMS webinars

On the first Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm (CET time), EMS is organizing a webinar via our EMS Youtube channel!



Next one: Prof. Chivukula Narayana Murthy, Development of Membranes for Environmental Protection, June 5th, 2024 16:00 (CET)


Past webinars:

Xiaoyu Tan, Zeolite-filled mixed matrix membrane: A high-performance membrane platform for industrial-relevant molecular separations

Aron K. Beke, Beyond selectivity: Model-based systems engineering for sustainable nanofiltration processes

Suzana Nunes – Polymer membranes: simplicity, scalability, and sustainability,

Thijs Peters: Membrane systems for CO2 capture

Soraya Malinga: Dendritic polymer integrated nanostructured membranes for water remediation 

Naser Tavajohi: Beyond the dissolution: The importance of solvent in membrane formation by phase inversion

Usman Taqui Syed: Sustainable production of nanoemulsions by membrane emulsification for biomedical and bioprocessing applications 

Maik Tepper: Rotation-in-a-Spinneret Produces Helical-Ridge-Membranes for Mass Transfer Enhancement

Gergo Ignacz: Application of machine learning in nanofiltration: solutes in focus

Enrico Drioli: The European Membrane Society: A Successful Story

Alexey Volkov: Polyacrylonitrile: exploring new boundaries of well-known polymer

Maria-Chiara Ferrari: Advanced membranes and membrane processes for carbon capture

Davide Mattia: 3D printed UF and NF composite membranes

Rhea Verbeke: The Open Membrane Database (OMD): An open access, user-sourced archive of water purification and desalination membranes

Saravanan Janakiram: Hybrid membranes for gas separation – a journey from lab to pre-pilot and beyond

Francesco Galiano: Towards a fully sustainable membrane preparation

Zeynep Culfaz-Emecen: Back to cellulose for membranes – Applications in organic solvents and membrane fabrication without organic solvents

Mathias Ulbricht: In situ coating of membranes in modules to improve separation performance

Cristiana Boi: Surgical masks testing: a multidisciplinary approach led by membrane scientists

Piotr Bruzda: Don’t block your process with membranes: sharing best practices of usage of commercial membrane products

Amaia Lejarazu: Preparation of Anion Exchange Membranes using recycled membranes as support for water treatment: towards the circular economy approach

Muhammad Irshad Baig: Sustainable Membrane Production through Polyelectrolyte Complexation Induced Aqueous Phase Separation

Anthony Szymczyk: The electrokinetic leakage phenomenon in zeta potential experiments: Friend or foe?