EMS Best Paper Award 2018

The EMS Council is happy to announce the winner of the Best Paper Award 2018 for the best original paper on Membrane Science and Engineering published in the years 2016 and 2017.

Winner is Mrs. Aylin Kertik (KU Leuven) for her paper ‘Highly selective gas separation membrane using in situ amorphized met-organic frameworks’, published in Energy & Environmental Science, 10 (2017), 2342-2351.

The paper describes a new and innovative method to amorphise embedded MOFs in situ in polyimide mixed matrix membranes by thermal treatment for CO2/CH4 treatment. Next to amorphising, the polymer matrix is crosslinked, while the filler-polymer adhesion is improved. This results in ultrahigh selective, plasticization-resistant membranes to separate CO2 from CH4.

The Council is impressed by the originality and innovativeness of the work described by the winner. It is a very thorough and multidisciplinary piece of research, combining several material characterization techniques with numerous membrane performance measurements. The paper is very clear and well written, in a journal (IF over 30 in 2017) which is one of the best in several areas.

The importance of the paper in the field is recognized by its citations in just over one year after publication. The quality of Mrs. Kertik as researcher and her work is also reflected by her oral presentations at the key membrane conferences during her PhD (Euromembrane, ICOM).

The EMS Best Paper Award consists of a certificate and €1000.