Location: Innsbruck (Austria)Level: MScType: Doctoral studentship, fixed-term employment of a maximum of 5 years


Membrane technology represents a sustainable approach to solving a wide range of separation tasks. Contents of the planned dissertation are experimental and theoretical investigations in the research group Membrane Technology of the Department of Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering.

Alongside the classical process engineering separation methods such as distillation, absorption or extraction, membrane filtration has developed into a high-performance separation process. Its basic field of application ranges from blood purification to the recovery of valuable substances from process streams to water treatment.

The membrane properties can be changed over a wide spectrum through the manufacturing process and post-treatment steps and can be adjusted for the respective application.

The efficiency of membrane systems and other coupled processes in the field of water treatment (keywords micropollutant elimination, fourth purification stage) will be investigated and improved within the scope of the dissertation project.


Application deadline: 15th of November 2020

More information: https://recruiting.mci.edu/Job/131173 (in German)


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