EMS Council election (2021-2024) - Application

According to the EMS statutes, the Council has to be renewed by half every other year.

In 2020, 5 positions will be open to replace our departing members, Maria-Chiara Ferrari, Frank Lipnizki, Davide Mattia, Luboš Novák and Carla Portugal. The 5 new members will be elected for the period 2021-2024.

The timetable for the elections is as follows:

  • The EMS will accept applications from 17/07/20 to 18/09/20
  • The candidates will have to submit a 2-page CV, a short motivation letter (max 300 words), and 2 nomination letters from current EMS members
  • The candidates must be EMS members, i.e. all registration procedures are complete and effective, by 25/09/20
  • The Council will review all applications received to verify that the above requirements have been met by 25/09/20
  • Ballots will be open from 30/09/20 to 30/10/20
  • The names of the 5 new members will be announced after the results have been validated by the Council by mid November 2020.Applications should be sent to: ems@chimie.ups-tlse.fr

Call for Euromembrane 2022

The Society is keen on supporting scientific or technical events related to the field of membranes and membrane processes. One of the flagships of the Society is the EUROMEMBRANE Conference.

Supported by the EMS, EUROMEMBRANE aims at bringing together European “membranologists” and colleagues from overseas in order to discuss in a vibrant and dynamic setting all aspects of research and applications of membrane and membrane processes. 2022 marks 40 years since the society was founded and the EMS wishes to celebrate the anniversary with a special edition of its flagship conference EUROMEMBRANE.

EMS therefore launches the Call for organizing a special Anniversary EUROMEMBRANE 2022 in the month of September 2022.

All the guidelines to apply can be found here.

Call for EMS Summer School 2020

European Membrane Society Summer School 2020: Call for proposals is open! 

The Society is keen on supporting scientific or technical events related to the field of membranes and membrane processes, and in particular with focus on events involving young and early-stage researchers. Therefore, the EMS has opened the Call for Proposals for the 37th EMS Summer School to be held in 2020. EMS will support the Summer School with poster awards and student registration grants. 

All the guidelines to apply can be found here 

Membranes Journal Discount

The European Membrane Society has recently set up an account with the journal Membranes.

Membranes (ISSN 2077-0375; CODEN: MBSEB6) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, which covers all aspects of membrane technology, including the preparation and characterization of membranes and their applications in water treatment, gas separation, energy sustainability, food technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. It has been covered by some important databases, such as Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI–Web of Science), Scopus, Ei Compendex, SciFinder (CAS), PubMed (NLM) and other databases.

Membranes supplies 15% discount on the publishing charge for all members of European Membrane Society.

The EMS members should contact the EMS secretary (ems@chimie.ups-tlse.fr) which will provide a code in order to claim the discount.

To get more information about Membranes, please visit: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/membranes.

Blue Energy: Energies journal Special issue

Salinity gradient power (SGP) technologies nowadays represent novel and promising alternative sources of sustainable energy, obtainable from the controlled mixing of solutions with different salinities. Significant research efforts have been devoted to demonstrating the technological advances of already-proven technologies, such as reverse electrodialysis, pressure-retarded osmosis, capacitive mixing, as well as developing new (often hybrid) emerging processes. This Special Issue will open the floor to introducing the most recent research activities carried out in the field of SGP technologies. The goal is to provide a shared knowledge platform, on which relevant advances are presented to the scientific and technological communities, with the hope of providing a robust and wide spectrum reference, thus acting as a stepping-stone for the future practical implementation of these new technologies.


EMS Best Paper Award 2018

The EMS Council is happy to announce the winner of the Best Paper Award 2018 for the best original paper on Membrane Science and Engineering published in the years 2016 and 2017.

Winner is Mrs. Aylin Kertik (KU Leuven) for her paper ‘Highly selective gas separation membrane using in situ amorphized met-organic frameworks’, published in Energy & Environmental Science, 10 (2017), 2342-2351.

The paper describes a new and innovative method to amorphise embedded MOFs in situ in polyimide mixed matrix membranes by thermal treatment for CO2/CH4 treatment. Next to amorphising, the polymer matrix is crosslinked, while the filler-polymer adhesion is improved. This results in ultrahigh selective, plasticization-resistant membranes to separate CO2 from CH4.

The Council is impressed by the originality and innovativeness of the work described by the winner. It is a very thorough and multidisciplinary piece of research, combining several material characterization techniques with numerous membrane performance measurements. The paper is very clear and well written, in a journal (IF over 30 in 2017) which is one of the best in several areas.

The importance of the paper in the field is recognized by its citations in just over one year after publication. The quality of Mrs. Kertik as researcher and her work is also reflected by her oral presentations at the key membrane conferences during her PhD (Euromembrane, ICOM).

The EMS Best Paper Award consists of a certificate and €1000.

EMS Council Election 2019-2022 - Vote Opening on November 1st

According to our statutes, the council of our Society must be partly renewed every other year. This year, 4 council members will step down (Cristiana Boi, Alberto Figoli, Antoine Kemperman and Wojciech Kujawski) and the council proposes to replace them by 4 new members, who will serve the Society for a 4 years term, starting on January 1st, 2019.

The election will be held on-line, between November 1st (from 11 AM GMT) and December 2nd (until 11 PM GMT).

We therefore invite you to vote for exactly 4 candidates via our electronic voting machine by logging in at http://www.emsoc-vote.eu.

You can find the procedure for voting here

36th EMS Summer School 2019

The next EMS Summer School will be held in Edinburgh, UK, from 23 to 28 June 2019. The theme of the Summer School is 'Membranes for a sustainable future'. More details will come soon!


EMS Council Election 2019-2022- Call for Candidates - UPDATED

EMS Council Election (Period 2019/2022)

The European Membrane Society is managed by a council of elected members. According to our statutes, the council must be partly renewed every other year. This year the term of 4 of our members comes to an end: Cristiana Boi, Alberto Figoli, Antoine Kemperman and Wojciech Kujawski. Therefore, the council needs to recruit 4 new members via an election.

Those new council members will sit for the period 2019-2022.

We invite you to be a candidate: Sitting at the council is a demanding but very valuable experience. As council members, you will not represent any national or corporate interests, but the membrane nation! We are sure you have already had in mind small things to be improved in the society’s management or important innovations. Then it is time for you to show up!
You can find more information on how to candidate by clicking on the following link.


Call for EMS Summer School 2019

The Society is keen on supporting scientific or technical events related to the field of membranes and membrane processes, and in particular with focus on events involving young and early-stage researchers. Therefore, the EMS has opened the Call for Proposals for the EMS Summer School to be held in 2019.

You can find all the information on how submitting your proposal here.