EMS Best Paper Award 2022 - Deadline June 30th, 2022

The EMS Best Paper Award 2022 (1000 € plus a certificate) aims at rewarding original journal papers on Membrane Science and Engineering (from fundamentals and theoretical study of membrane-related phenomena to membrane development, applications and engineering ) published during years 2020 and 2021, that made a significant contribution to the field. The paper is addressed in particular to researchers at an early career stage.


June 30th, 2022.

- The Award is intended for original journal papers (review papers are not eligible).
- Candidates must be EMS members at the time applying for the prize and the major contributors of the paper (as described in a statement signed by all authors).
- Candidates must be Students or Young Academics, according to the definition given in the EMS Grants and Awards webpage.
- The year of the publication will be assessed based on the DOI’s date.


Candidates should submit:
- Copy of their paper.
- Proof of their Student or Young Academic status, such as Student Card or PhD certificate.
- Cover letter detailing in less than 150 words the scientific quality, originality and impact of the publication, the personal contribution and any other detail useful for the evaluation of the work.
- Statement signed by all authors indicating that the applicant is the major contributor to the paper.
- Proof of EMS membership.

To the addresses: avolkov@ips.ac.ru; ems@chimie.ups-tlse.fr; e.lasseuguette@ed.ac.uk

Proposals will be selected against their scientific quality, originality and impact by the EMS Council members. Any conflict of interest between the contestants and the evaluators will be avoided.

The EMS Council reserves the right to decide the number of prizes to award.

EMS Council election - 2023/2026

Dear EMS members,

According to the EMS statutes, the Council has to be renewed by half every other year.
In 2022, 4 positions will be open to replace our departing members, Maria-Grazia de Angelis, Marco Stoller, Anthony Szymczyk and Ilya Vorotyntsev. The 4 new members will be elected for the period 2023-2026.

The timetable for the elections is as follows:
- The EMS will accept applications from 18/07/22 to 16/09/22
- The candidates will have to submit a 2-page CV, a short motivation letter (max 300 words), and 2 nomination letters from current EMS members
- The candidates must be EMS members, i.e. all registration procedures are complete and effective, by 16/09/22
- The Council will review all applications received to verify that the above requirements have been met
- An electronic ballot will be held from 30/09/22 to 31/10/22
- The names of the 4 new members will be announced after the validation of the results by the Council in mid-November 2022.

Applications should be sent to:

Kind regards,
Anthony Szymczyk
EMS President

EMS SummerSchool 2022 - Thank you

Message from the organizers:

Thank you to all the great lecturers, fantastic students and of course the personnel of the venue to make the 37th EMS Summer School a great success in an outstanding location!

Reminder: Call for organizing European Membrane Society Summer School 2023

The Society is keen on supporting scientific or technical events related to the field of membranes and membrane processes, particularly with a focus on events involving young and early-stage researchers. Therefore, the EMS has opened the Call for Proposals for the 38th EMS Summer School in 2023.

In order to have your Summer School accepted as an EMS event, you should apply to the EMS Council according to the following guidelines:


The application should specify:

  • description of the facilities for the Summer School and proposed dates;
  • tentative program including course contents and timing;
  • members of the organising committee (including members of the EMS Council);
  • members of the scientific committee (including members of the EMS Council);
  • budget outline, including:
  • any request for EMS funding or loan;
  • list of sponsors;
  • expected number of participants;
  • break-even number.

Any outsourcing of organisational work should be included in the budget. Any EMS loan received would be expected to be returned as the first call on excess income over expenses. Additional excess income is to be split evenly between the EMS and the organisers. The EMS will not cover losses beyond the EMS funding. The EMS membership fees should be collectable with the registration fees. All rights and duties will be formalised in a contract with the EMS.

  • Important websites related to the proposal.


Proposals will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Scientific programme
  • Conference venue/organisational and professional planning
  • Registration fees
  • Financial risk involved in the event
  • Geographical distribution


The selected application will be announced during the EUROMEMBRANE 2022 conference in November 2022.


Please, send your proposal by September 30, 2022, to:


Karel Friess, karel.friess@vscht.cz

Carla Brazinha, c.brazinha@fct.unl.pt

Elsa Lasseuguette, e.lasseuguette@ed.ac.uk




EMS Award 2022 - Euromembrane 2022

EMS launches a program for supporting the participation of Master, PhD students (Students Awards) and early-stage researchers (Young Academics Awards) at Euromembrane 2022 in Sorrento, Italy, from November 20th to 24th 2022 (http://www.euromembrane2022.eu/).

Support will be provided to cover the conference fee excluding accommodation and meals (when included in the conference fee).

The EMS is offering:
* 10 awards for Students Awards
* 10 awards for Young Academics Awards

The deadline for the application is July 24th 2022.

More information about the application and the eligibility can be found on the Award section (https://www.emsoc.eu/ems-awards/).

Online Workshop: Advanced Methods for Determining Physicochemical Properties of Solid State Materials - Tuesday 17th May - 1:00 pm BST | 2:00 pm CEST | 8:00 am EDT

In collaboration with CARPOR platform of the University of Liège, Surface Measurement Systems is organizing a workshop to explore pharmaceuticals and inorganic materials using vapor sorption techniques.

Attending this workshop, you will hear from sorption science experts as they discuss the use of DVS and iGC techniques to determine physicochemical properties of solid state materials, providing invaluable insights to those involved in pharmaceutical or inorganic material research. Attendees will also be able to engage our scientists, Dr. Susannah Molisso and Dr. Connor Hewson, in a live Q&A.

The workshop will cover in-depth Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) and Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) techniques and their applications on studies of materials such as powders, nanomaterials, fibres, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and inorganic materials.

More information: https://www.surfacemeasurementsystems.com/wrk-17may-uliege/


2022 P.V. Danckwerts Memorial Lecture - EFCE

Dear EFCE Member Society representatives,

We are pleased to invite you to submit a nomination for the 2022 P.V. Danckwerts Memorial Lecture.

The P.V. Danckwerts Memorial Lecture (the “Lecture”) was established by Chemical Engineering Science, in affiliation with the IChemE, in 1985 to honor Prof. Peter V. Danckwerts as a leading scholar in the field of chemical engineering and for his contributions as an Executive Editor of Chemical Engineering Science, the second Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and a past president of IChemE. The field of the Lecture will be appropriate to the aims and scope of Chemical Engineering Science (see https://www.journals.elsevier.com/chemical-engineering-science).
The Co-Sponsors of the Lecture are Elsevier, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (“IChemE”), the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (“EFCE”), and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (“AIChE”).
For the list of previous Award winners, see: https://efce.info/Awards/EFCE+Medals+and+Distinctions/Danckwerts+Lecture.html

The next lecture will be this year at the 2022 AIChE Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, USA on 13-18 November 2022 (https://www.aiche.org/conferences/aiche-annual-meeting/2022), while next year it will be on occasion of the 14th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (“ECCE”) in Berlin in 2023.

Any individual is eligible for nomination, noting the requirement that the Lecture is appropriate to the Aims and Scope of Chemical Engineering Science, as long as the Lecturer candidate does not reside in that year’s host region (i.e., the AIChE Annual Meeting will not have a Lecturer from the Americas and the ECCE will not have a Lecturer from Europe).

Selection Process
Selection of the Danckwerts Lecturer is decided by a selection committee that comprises: the current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal (Chair); the current Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge; the President or an appointed representative from AIChE, IChemE and EFCE; and a selected representative from Asia who is a member of both the Journal’s International Advisory Board and IChemE and/or AIChE.

Nomination Procedure
The procedure is the following:
• Each Institution, including EFCE, will call for Nominations
• Nominations would be via brief answers to questions as provided below and provision of a simple curriculum vitae and links to relevant websites if appropriate
• Each Institution will prioritise up to 10 nominations (max number) to be forwarded to the Chair of the Selection Panel
• The Selection Panel would first meet to consider all nominations in accordance with an agreed procedure to select the final Lecturer
• Nominations received would remain active for two further years

Selection Questions and Criteria
If you wish to nominate a European (non-American) candidate for the 2022 P.V. Danckwerts Memorial Lecture, please provide the following information via the online submission form:
• Details of the nominee (name, contact details, qualifications, previous awards, etc);
• Summarize why the Nominee merits the award (1000 characters max);
• Summary of the Nominee’s excellence in Chemical Engineering (1000 characters max);
• Summary of the Nominee’s international impact in Chemical Engineering (1000 characters max).
• Please rate the ability of the Nominee to present an engaging lecture to a generalist chemical engineering audience (High, Average, Low) and list recent engaging lectures given (maximum of three events).
The submission form is available at: https://info.comms.elsevier.com/webApp/els_LeadCaptureForm?wId=STMJ_Danckwerts_lecture

Deadline for nominations: 30 April 2022

We look forward to receiving your nomination.

Best regards,

Giorgio Veronesi
EFCE President

UniR_Hosting Programme for Ukrainian Refugees

The institutions of the UniR consortium – the EHESP, ENSCR, ENS Rennes, INSA Rennes, Sciences Po Rennes, University of Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 University – have committed funds to a special programme for the hosting of Ukrainian refugees in Rennes. This large-scale assistance programme extends the tradition of welcoming students and staff who are refugees or in exile.

More information: UniR_Hosting-Programme-for-Ukrainian-Refugees.pdf


Help with Ukraine

ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, reacts with shock and deep regret to the military attacks by the Russian Government against Ukraine. You can read the full statement by the ALLEA Presidency in support of Ukraine, its citizens and academic institutions here. The ALLEA Board released a second statement announcing the suspension of membership of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The European scientific community is mobilising fast to support Ukrainan students and researchers who have been forced to flee their country due to the Russian Government’s millitary invasion. The platform #ScienceForUkraine is centralising information on support provided by the global research community to Ukraine researchers and students.

In addition to this initiative, ALLEA Member Academies and other academic institutions for Ukrainian scholars at risk have compiled a list of resources for several support programs for Ukrainian researchers, which are available on European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) website  https://allea.org/support-for-ukraine/


If you wish to submit additional entries to this list, please send all relevant information to secretariat@allea.org. This list is regularly updated.


Solidarity with Ukraine

PAUSE program opens a special call for emergency assistance to Ukrainian researchers in danger, through an emergency fund granted by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

An emergency financial aid to finance the stay of a Ukrainian researcher, and his/her family if applicable, for a period of three months is proposed to voluntary French institutions. The amount of the financial aid will be a lump sum based on the number of people in the family unit (single person, couple, family).

This emergency hosting in France may allow the researcher to prepare, in connection with a host institution, an application to the PAUSE program according to the regular procedures and criteria of the program, based on co- funding.

More information: https://www.programmepause.org/