Call for organizing EUROMEMBRANE 2024

The European Membrane Society (EMS) is keen on supporting scientific or technical events related to membranes and membrane processes. One of the flagships of the Society is the EUROMEMBRANE Conference. Supported by the EMS, EUROMEMBRANE aims to bring together European “membranologists” and colleagues from overseas to discuss in a vibrant and dynamic setting all aspects of research and applications of membrane and membrane processes. EMS, therefore, launches the Call for organizing the EUROMEMBRANE 2024 conference taking place in September 2024.


The application to the EMS Council should specify:

* Description of the facilities for the event and proposed dates;

* The risk assessment that shall include the format of the conference (in person, virtual or hybrid combining either in-person with a virtual component) and the policy of fees cancellation;

* Tentative program including contents and timing;

* Organizing committee, involving at least one of the EMS Council members;

* Scientific committee containing at least one of the EMS Council members;

* Budget outline, including any request for EMS funding or loan, a list of sponsors, and a break-even number. Any outsourcing of organizational work should be included in the budget. Any EMS loan received would be expected to be returned as the first call on excess income over expenses. Additional extra income is to be split evenly between EMS and the organizers. The EMS will not cover losses beyond the EMS funding or loan.

* All rights and duties will be formalized in a contract with the EMS.

* Important websites related to the proposal.

* Short pdf presentation (10 slides max.) about the event (organizer, venue, structure, etc.)

A mandatory condition for granting the organization of the conference is the fulfillment of the requirement that the chair of the EUROMEMBRANE conference will be an academic entity. Private companies can participate in the organization of the conference (to help and support).


The deadline for receiving proposals for EUROMEMBRANE 2024 conference is June 30th 2022, 23:59 h Central European Time (CET). The organizers are expected to comply with the Euromembrane guidelines described in the attached document as approved by the EMS Council. Proposals should be sent via email to:

Carla Brazinha (

Karel Friess (

Elsa Lasseuguette -EMS secretary (


The result will be announced before December 2022, most probably during the closing ceremony of the Euromembrane 2022 conference.