Next session: August 20th, 2024

The EMS Best Paper Award 2024 (1000 € plus a certificate) aims at rewarding original journal papers on Membrane Science and Engineering (from fundamentals and theoretical study of membrane-related phenomena to membrane development, applications, and engineering )  published during the year 2023, that made a significant contribution to the field. The paper is addressed in particular to researchers at an early career stage.

Deadline: August 20th, 2024


– The Award is intended for original journal papers (review papers are not eligible).

– Candidates must be EMS members at the time applying for the prize and the major contributors of the paper (as described in a statement signed by all authors).

– Candidates must be Students or Young Academics, according to the definition given in the EMS Grants and Awards webpage.

– The year of the publication will be assessed based on the DOI’s date.


Candidates should submit:

– Copy of their paper.

– Proof of their Student or Young Academic status, such as Student Card or PhD certificate.

– Cover letter detailing in less than 150 words the scientific quality, originality and impact of the publication, the personal contribution and any other detail useful for the evaluation of the work.

– Statement signed by all authors indicating that the applicant is the major contributor to the paper.

– Proof of EMS membership.


To the addresses:;



Proposals will be selected against their scientific quality, originality and impact by the EMS Council members. Any conflict of interest between the contestants and the evaluators will be avoided.


The EMS Council reserves the right to decide the number of prizes to award.