Ph.D. position in developing membranes for gas separation applications, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden

Description of work
The Department of Chemistry is opening a Ph.D. position in Chemistry with a specialization in polymer chemistry, industrial chemistry, material science, or any related field. The thesis project will focus on developing carbon molecular sieve membranes. The position is for four years of doctoral studies, including participation in research and postgraduate courses. The last day to apply is June 12, 2024. The starting date is September 1, 2024 or by agreement.

About the position

Our research group strives to design and synthesize innovative materials that will shape the future of separation science. In this particular project, we are dedicated to synthesizing polymer, and fabricating carbon molecular sieve membranes for gas separation application. The project represents a true intersection of various disciplines, offering you the opportunity to actively participate in the design and synthesis of polymers, fabricate membranes, and test the membrane for gas separation applications. Within this project, you will have access to cutting-edge gas separation facilities (e.g., gas booster, gas permeation, gas filtration, etc.), spinning hollow fiber membranes (single layer and dual layer), and carbonization equipment. Your contributions will play a crucial role in advancing our understanding and development of new materials for gas separation applications.

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