EMS Webinar - Wednesday, September 6th 2023, at 4:00 PM (CET) - Naser Tavajohi – Beyond the dissolution: The importance of solvent in membrane formation by phase inversion

Title: Beyond the dissolution: The importance of solvent in membrane formation by phase inversion

Membranes have significant potential to play a crucial role in the next generation of chemical plants and the sustainability of chemical industries. Currently, polymeric membranes dominate the market due to their low cost, scalability, and mechanical properties. Phase inversion is the most popular method for preparing polymeric membranes, both in industry and academia. However, membrane manufacturing processes through phase inversion are far from sustainable and environmentally friendly. A significant amount of contaminated water is produced annually by the membrane manufacturing industry, and the most popular solvent for membrane fabrication is restricted in the European Union.
This presentation provides an overview of the sustainability of the membrane fabrication process using phase inversion. Following that, the use of various types of green solvents for membrane fabrication, to which Prof. Tavajohi has contributed, will be discussed. These include Tributyl O-acetyl citrate (ATBC), triethylene glycol diacetate (TEGDA), Methyl-5-(dimethylamino)-2-methyl-5-oxopentanoate (RhodiasolvⓇ PolarClean), cyclic carbonates (ethylene carbonate, propylene carbonate, butylene carbonate), non-ionic deep eutectic solvents, dibasic esters, and ionic liquids as alternative solvents for membrane manufacturing. The merits and drawbacks associated with different solvent choices will be presented. Furthermore, the significance of solvents in fabricating membranes with identical polymorphism will be discussed.



Dr. Naser Tavajohi is an Associate Professor in the Chemistry Department at Umeå University. He began his research journey as a membranologist, using machine learning for modeling and simulating membrane formation through phase inversion. In 2011, Naser received a scholarship from the South Korean government's World Class University Program and started his Ph.D. studies at Hanyang University, collaborating with the Institute of Membrane Technology-National Research Council of Italy (ITM-CNR). He earned his Ph.D. in 2015. Following two postdoctoral experiences, Naser became an Assistant Professor in Umeå University's Chemistry Department in November 2018. In 2019, he set up a lab focused on membrane separation, equipped with advanced tools for gas separation and membrane fabrication. In 2021, he was chosen as a promising young researcher by the Royal Swedish Academy Skytteanska Samfundet at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University. In 2022, Naser was promoted to Associate Professor. Throughout his academic journey, Naser published 47 papers in respected journals like Nat Rev Mat, Adv. Mat., Adv Sci, J M Sci, etc. He also holds a patent, contributed to 9 book chapters, and co-edited a book titled 'Polymeric Membrane Formation by Phase Inversion.
Naser Tavajohi has joined the editorial board of the Journal of Membrane Science as an Early Career Editorial Board (https://lnkd.in/dhPsNZ2i).


Date and time: Wednesday, September 6th 2023, at 4:00 PM (CET)

Webinar Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/EuropeanMembraneSocietyEMS