The Patrick Meares Prize

In 2015 the EMS received a donation from the late Patrick Meares, one of the pioneers of membrane science. From his will one can read “...with the request, but without imposing any binding trust, that the sum be used to establish a prize to be awarded biannually to a deserving young membrane scientist on the basis of criteria to be established by agreement between the Board and the Council of the Society.".

With this in mind, the EMS Council established the Patrick Meares Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis work on membrane science.


  • EMS membership (valid membership at least one year before the deadline of applications);
  • D. awarded between 01/07/2018 and 30/06/2021.


  • Two supporting letters (one from outside the applying institution) in which the contribution of the work to the membrane field performed by the applicant is clearly stated;
  • A two pages summary of the thesis contents and a list of published papers and conference presentations based on the thesis work.
  • A proof that the Ph.D. has been awarded (copy of the diploma or certificate of completion from the institution awarding the diploma).

The deadline for applications is 30/06/2021. The applications will be submitted to the EMS Secretariat at


A committee of EMS Council members and Honorary Council Members will evaluate the applications and the 4 shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their work in a Patrick Meares Prize Symposium that will be held at the Euromembrane 2021 congress in Copenhagen (September 12-16). A panel will evaluate the presentations and nominate the winner of the prize at Euromembrane 2021.

The 4 shortlisted candidates will receive a free Euromembrane 2021 registration and the winner of the Patrick Meares Prize wins a check of 1,500 euros.