Greetings to all EMS members from the new EMS council

With the on-line meeting held on Monday, 8th February 2021, the new EMS council for the next 2 years started to work on scheduled tasks from the old council and the development of new ideas. More to come in the next months!

In the meantime, the new EMS Council want to give greeting all EMS members, and to gratefully acknowledge the great work of the departing members (Carla Portugal, Davide Mattia, Frank Lipnizki, Luboš Novák, Maria-Chiara Ferrari).

The actual EMS Council is so formed:

EMS President - Anthony Szymczyk

EMS Vice President(s) - Maria Grazia De Angelis, Alexey Volkov

EMS Council Secretary - Elena Tocci

EMS Treasurer - Maria Grazia De Angelis

EMS Council Members - Alexey Volkov, Anthony Szymczyk, Carla Brazinha, Elena Tocci, Eric Favre, Ilya Vorotyntsev, Karel Friess, Marco Stoller, Maria Grazia De Angelis