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The EMS expresses its firm and resolute condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity with all the victims of the current war in Ukraine.

We call on all our members who are aware of programs to help researchers and students (call for specific aid to refugees, doctoral scholarships, post-doctoral positions, etc.) to contact the EMS, which will make its resources available to disseminate information and help in coordinating actions.

The EMS also expresses its strong support to the signatories of the open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine.

Elena Tocci (EMS President) - Pierre Aimar (Honorary member) - Philippe Aptel (Honorary member) - Roger Ben Aïm (Honorary member) - Karl Böddeker (Honorary member) - Cristiana Boi (Former EMS President) - Carla Brazinha (Council member) - Joao Crespo (Honorary member) - Enrico Drioli (Honorary member and former EMS President) - Maria Grazia de Angelis - Eric Favre (Council member) - Robert Field (Honorary member) - Karel Friess (Council member) - Lidietta Giorno (Honorary member and former EMS President) - Anthony Szymczyk - Susana Luque (Former EMS President) - Marco Stoller (Council member) - Heiner Strathmann (Honorary member) - Elena Tocci (Council member) - Bart van der Bruggen (Former EMS President) - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Panglisch - Carme Güell - Dr. Elsa Lasseuguette, PhD - Antoine Kemperman (Former board member and current WA-MS member on behalf of the EMS) - Radoslaw Gorecki, PhD -Thomas Schäfer (Former board member) - Daniel Golubenko - Prof. Marco Giacinti Baschetti - Klaus-Viktor Peinemann (Former EMS President) - Wojciech M. Kujawski (Former board member) - Dr. ir. J.C. Jansen, PhD - Jorge García Ivars - Prof. Murielle Rabiller-Baudry - Prof. Maria-Chiara Ferrari - Dr. Alessio Fuoco - Dr. Ph.D. Loredana De Bartolo - Dr. Alberto Figoli, PhD (Former Board Member)