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The new EMS Council, Cristiana Boi, Maria-Chiara Ferrari, Alberto Figoli, Antoine Kemperman, Wojciech Kujawski, Frank Lipnizki, Davide Mattia, Lubos Novak and Carla Portugal (in alphabetical order) elected the new Board which will be effective for the next two years. The following colleagues have been elected as EMS Board members:

Cristiana Boi (President)
Alberto Figoli (Secretary)
Maria Chiara Ferrari (Treasurer)

with Carla Portugal and Antoine Kemperman (Vice-Presidents)

We are in debt with the departing members, Bart van der Bruggen (President), Luisa Neves (Treasurer), Silvia Alvarez Blanco, Thomas Schäfer and Alexey Volkov for their dedication and hard work devoted to our Society and the membrane community. They deserve a huge “Thank you” for their commitment and successful outcomes over the last four years.

Cristiana Boi
President of the EMS
On behalf of all members of the EMS Council

EMS Events (4)

6th International Conference on Organic Solvent Nanofiltration, OSN 2017

Saint Petersburg (Russian federation)
4 Jun 2017


34th EMS Summer School 2017, EMS-SS2017

Lund (Sweden)
26 Jun 2017


2017 International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes, ICOM 2017

San Francisco (U.S.A.)
29 Jul 2017


Euromembrane 2018, -

Valencia (Spain)
9 Jul 2018


Latest news (2)

Ph-D Position at University of Cantabria, Santander - Spain

The work will be developed within the framework of the SUDOE European project "Energetic sustainability at the SUDOE region: PEMFC-SUDOE Network" gathering Spanish, Portuguese and French teams....


EMS Best Paper Award 2016

European Membrane Society is pleased to present the winner of its 2016 annual award for the best journal paper on Membrane Science and Engineering published during 2014 and 2015: James Campbell,...