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Further to the elections organized last October, and as it is now a tradition in our Society the departing council and the newly elected members had a joint meeting in Paris, at the beginning of February.
In a morning session the departing council has described the actions organized during the last two years and the on-going projects with a specific attention paid to the budget issues. At the end of the meeting, Bart van der Bruggen extended his thanks to the departing members: Jörg Balster appreciated for his action as a secretary, Alessandra Criscuoli for handling the Summer Schools files and many other issues, Pavel Izak who boosted the Council as Vice-President, and Anthony Szymczyk as Vice-President and treasurer, who has kept the Society’s budget on good tracks over the last 4 years.
In the afternoon, the new Council of the EMS has been formally installed. We welcome Alberto Figoli, Wojciech Kujawski, Cristiana Boi and Antoine Kemperman who join Bart Van der Bruggen, Thomas Schäfer, Aleksey Volkov, Silvia Alvarez Blanco and Luisa Neves (elected in 2013 for 4 years). They will run the society all together over the next 2 years.
The first action was, in agreement with the Society statutes, to elect a board. By secret ballot and a unanimous consent, Bart van der Bruggen was re elected President, Cristiana Boi and Luisa Neves were elected Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Upon Bart’s suggestion, the council decided to elect Cristina and Luisa as Vice-Presidents of the Society.
In order to promote membrane and membrane processes all around Europe and to foster collaborations with other Societies, the members of the council will be in charge of specific tasks, now traditional in our Society.
Alberto Figoli and Wojciech Kujawski will take care of the Summer Schools and awards, Thomas Schäfer and Silvia Alvarez Blanco will be in charge of Conferences. Alexey Volkov and Antoine Kemperman will develop the visibility of the Society.
Further actions are in preparation, which will be described in our newsletter and on this page.

Membranely yours,
EMS council.

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