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The EMS members are currently voting for the new Council, which will take over in February 2017.
Five Council members will step down, including myself, and Alexey Volkov, Thomas Schäfer, Luisa Neves, Silvia Alvarez Blanco. They will be replaced by five other EMS members who stepped forward as candidates.
This is exciting, as we can expect our new Council members to come with new ideas and new initiatives to make our Society even stronger. Results will be available in December; the new President will be elected by the members of the new Council.

Are you already a member? Do not forget to vote: your vote is important to us. If you have difficulties with the voting, contact one of the Council members.

Are you not a member yet? You can also become part of our vibrant community, if you come with a passion for membranes. Click Join EMS on top of this page: you are almost EMS member.

Bart Van der Bruggen, President of the European Membrane Society

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