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Simulation of selective capturing of species in mixed matrix membranes

Simulation of transport phenomena in mixed matrix membranes

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The European Membrane Society calls for council members!

The European Membrane Society is managed by a council with 9 members, renewed by half every two years. Council members are elected for a term of four years by all members of the EMS.
They manage the organisation of key conferences (Euromembrane, ICOM in collaboration with other societies) and support other conferences in Europe; they organise the yearly EMS Summer School; and they play an active role in stimulating membrane science and technology all over the globe.
Four new council members are to be elected in the autumn of 2014. You can be a candidate and participate actively in the European membrane scene!

This is the road to the EMS council:
i) You should be a member of the society (confirmed before the deadline of submission),
ii) You should have the written support of two other members of the society,
iii) You have to send before 30 September by e-mail to
- a signed declaration of candidacy,
- the two written support letters,
- a resume in 10 lines,
- your date of birth as in case of an equal number of votes for several candidates, the younger will be declared elected.

I'd love to have you on board - now is the time!

Bart Van der Bruggen, EMS President.

EMS Events (2)

32nd EMS Summer School : Integrated and Electromembrane Processes, 32nd EMS Summer

Str pod Ralskem/Liberec (Czech Republic)
21 Jun 2015


Euromembrane 2015, -

Aachen (Germany)
6 Sep 2015


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